Protein Taste Test #2: Wheighing in on Whey

Posted on: August 17th 2014

In our last few posts, we’ve been talking about protein pretty extensively, and Lilith NoFair has been giving you the cold hard facts on protein and supplements… but what about the taste?

Last week NoFair used human experiment subjects (TCRD teammates) to be our guinea pigs and taste test some vegan protein powder options. This week, they weigh in on WHEY protein options! MMmmmm….!

Check out the results here!

Here are the stats on the powders taste-tested:

Proventative Harmonized Protein – 23g/30g, 3g carb, 0.5g fat, 110 cal, concentrate + isolate, non hormonal, New Zealand cows

Thorne FX Whey Isolate – 21g/29g, 3g carb, 0.5g fat, 100 cal, isolate, non hormonal 

Whey Factors – 16g/22g, 2g carb, 1g fat, 80cal, isolate, non hormonal, grass fed

Genuine Heath Proteins+ – 25g/33.2g, 1.8g carb, 0.2g fat, 110 cal, isolate, non hormonal, grass fed, New Mexico cows


Which WHEY do you swing? (sorry, couldn’t resist…) Let us know in the comments below!

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