Prehab! Proper Form

Posted on: April 9th 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen: prepare yourselves for a hard truth!

Life is much too short to waste even a minute of it doing half-ass workouts with bad form.

Here comes another one: getting an injury from cross-training is super super lame. No one at the office wants to hear about your derby injury that you got from doing squats improperly.

In this session I go over common mistakes and some helpful hints to make standard strength and power training safer and more effective. I recommend you watch the video, then find yourself a mirror and observe yourself doing the movements – are you tweaking on your knee in a lunge? Is your weight really back over your heels in the squat (and are you getting at least to 90 degrees, if not lower?).

“Sure, sure,” you say, “other people TOTALLY use poor form! But not me, I’m super awesome at this… right?”

You could go ahead and keep believing that… OR… you could watch this video and learn some sweet tricks and tips that might just turbocharge the results you get from crosstraining, forever after. Bold statement, I know. But what if I’m right?

4 thoughts on “Prehab! Proper Form

  1. Thanks for this. I often have lower back pain and I think it might be because I tuck my tailbone under when I am in derby stance. I really appreciated your attention to detail. I need to unlearn two years of bad form, but I am up for the challenge!

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