Pre-game meal on the road

Posted on: September 17th 2011

We’re heading to the Eves of Destruction in Victoria BC tomorrow… it’s a 9:15am departure for us from Vancouver to the ferry, for a 6pm bout. You have to plan ahead when you’re going to play on the road – don’t get caught with food you’re not used to eating, or without your favourite beverage for during (ahem, and after) the bout!

Wanna know what this skater is gonna put in her face?

Breakfast: Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter. Possibly a hard boiled egg in the fridge if it smells OK by tomorrow (been there a while…), 1 banana.

Lunch: we’ll be on the ferry, and unless it’s go time and I’m eating a greasy ferry breakfast with ALLLL of the hasbrowns, this is not conducive to a happy pre-game situation. So I’m packing: strawberries to share with the team, 2 cartons of Nile Spice soup (the kind you put boiling water in – this is free on the ferry!), another banana, some trail mix.

Snack: if a Subway restaurant rears its head, it’s possible I will eat a 6″ veggie on whole wheat, no cheese. If a Whole Foods comes my way I will 100% be eating a Power Muffin. That stuff is the bomb. If neither of those things reveals itself, it’s all good, I’ve got enough of my own food to keep me happy.

Pregame: Lara Bar 1 hour before the bout

During: Ultima Replenisher electrolyte replacement powder in my water bottle. Sunrype Fruit Source mini-bites at half time

After: More mini-bites, another Lara Bar, more trail mix, and whatever the home team has in the locker room cooler!!!

The bonus of this is that it is cheap. About $20 to feed yourself a LOT for a bout, while on the road is way better than stopping at gas stations and fast food joints and ferry cafeteria lines!


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