Plyo Party Workout

Posted on: December 19th 2012

This workout is pure, delicious plyo. What is a plyo, you ask? It’s short for plyometrics… which is fancy fitness speak for explosive movements. There are two keys to plyo – #1 is the bending part (plier is French for ‘to bend’…). #2 would be the jumping part. To get the benefit of plyometrics, the idea is to get a deep bend (lengthening the muscle being targeted) and then explode out of that bend (sharply contracting the same muscle).

More info than you probably wanted to know about the mechanics of plyo here.

All science aside, plyo workouts are hard work, pure and simple. And you should probably expect some sore legs the following day (if not, I shall repeat the age-old chant of fresh meat roller derby coaches: get lower!).

Why do this to ourselves? Plyo exercises help your body to build power – that is, the ability to move your body with great force over a given distance, in a short amount of time. Just the sort of thing you’d like to have when it’s time to make a hole for your jammer, or to sneak around the pesky foremost blocker.

Here’s the drill:

Equipment: 2 chairs, and a positive attitude to get through it!

Workout: Two rounds of:

Blocker Burpees x 5
Squat-Jump-Twist + Lunge x 20 alternating sides
Blocker Burpees x 5
Skater Jump + Hop x 40 alternating sides
Blocker Burpees x 5
Chair leg lifts x 20
60 second rest

Watch the video through to the end for my tips and tricks on the various exercises. Don’t forget – deep bend, high jump! And just for good measure, you should land with another deep bend – nice soft knees, no jarring of your joints on the landing.

I don’t recommend trying this guy right before practice! Hello, jelly legs!

Good luck! Leave me a note in the comments and tell me what YOUR favourite plyo move is.

xo Booty Quake

3 thoughts on “Plyo Party Workout

  1. I just heard about you site from DerbyDeeds, i have checked out your workout videos and think they are GREAT! i cant wait to ad them into my workout regimen! thanks so much!

    1. Thanks JaimsMaims! Glad you’re liking the workouts!

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