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Posted on: August 24th 2017

Let’s do this!

The new app and the new MVP plan makes it easier for me to deliver a TON of great value. You can review the features here. In essence, the MVP plan becomes a semi-customized program where I help select and schedule the workout programs that will help you achieve your goals fastest, and on your terms.  And as an existing member, you get “grandfathered” right in to all this amazing extra goodness at no extra charge for the duration of your subscription :)

Let’s get you set up!

  1. Fill in the questionnaire below to help me customize your programming in the app
  2. I’ll set you up in the app with a temporary plan that includes a mini fitness test. 
  3. Once you’ve submitted your fit test results I’ll send your training plan outline, and if it sounds right to you, we’ll set up your workouts for you in the app!

Step 1 – Questionnaire

Step 2 – App Access!

Once I get your response to the questionnaire above, my goal is to have you set up in the app within 2 business days (hopefully sooner!) with your temporary plan while I design your semi-custom program. So stand by for some more emails with instructions for downloading the app and getting started with your temporary plan and mini-fitness test!

Want to step it up?

  • If you want to learn more about the Pro Plan, with totally customized one-to-one online training, get more info here.


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  1. I want help at getting better I just don’t know what to work out when I’m at the gym

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