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Posted on: August 24th 2017

Rock On.

Looks like you’re interested in locking in a preferred “faithful member” rate for your ongoing training with RDA! I’m really stoked to have you on board and to introduce you to all the great new features of the app that will make it so convenient and easy to get your workouts in and continue your success!

Features: The new app and the new MVP plan makes it easier for me to deliver a TON of great value. You can review the features here. In essence, the MVP plan becomes a semi-customized program where I help select and schedule the workout programs that will help you achieve your goals fastest, and on your terms.

Pricing: Brand new members will pay $49/month (billed quarterly) or about $42/month (with annual billing). YOU my friend are being offered a faithful member rate of $29/month on either quarterly or annual billing, saving you $240 per year.

**this rate is only being offered until September 8th – after that I’m opening everything up to brand new members on the waitlist.

Let’s get started!

  1. Fill in the questionnaire below to help me customize your programming in the app
  2. Switch over your Subscription in your account settings (see below)
  3. I’ll set you up in the app with a temporary plan that includes a mini fitness test. 
  4. Once you’ve submitted your fit test results I’ll send your training plan outline, and if it sounds right to you, we’ll set up your workouts for you in the app!

Step 1 – Questionnaire


Step 2 – Switch Subscriptions

Instructions:  In “My Account,” go to your Subscriptions, and click “View” next to your current subscription. Next, click on “Switch Subscription.” Select your new MVP plan option (quarterly or annual) and add to cart.

Upon checkout, the system will calculate all the pro-rating from time left on your current plan, and indicate your new renewal charge date. In most cases the initial payment will be quite modest.

> Go to My Subscriptions Now

Here are some screen shots to help describe the process:

1. Click “View” next to your active Subscription:


2. Click on “Switch Subscription”:

You’ll be taken to a product page where you can then select your new MVP Quarterly or MVP Annual plan and lock in that awesome rate!

> Go to My Subscriptions Now and get started!

Change of heart?

  • If you don’t think updating your membership is right for you after all, and you want to stay put until the end of your current subscription, just scroll back up and fill in that questionnaire. Feel free to add a note in the  “anything else” question at the end to let me know!
  • If you want to learn more about the Pro Plan, with totally customized one-to-one online training, get more info here.


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