Move THIS: Monster Walks

Posted on: March 15th 2017

Monster Walks, Roller Derby Athletics

This move comes straight out of my physio work that I’m doing to rehab my knee after ACL repair surgery! But that doesn’t mean it ain’t good enough for YOU to try, for some good pre-hab work!

Exercise: Monster Walks

What it works: Gluteus Medius (aka your “side butt”), and core!

You need: a Theraband, or exercise tubing. Available for cheap at most large drugstores, and sporting good stores. A good investment for multiple exercises!

Booty’s hot tip: Brace your core, and aim to minimize rocking from side to side. Try to keep in derby stance – about a quarter squat at least.  Obviously, moaning the word “Braaaaaaiiiinnnns” over and over will help.

When to do this: Any time during a workout – can be part of your warm-up too. Try adding it in two or three times per week into your existing routines!

Sets/Reps: Try 5 laps of 8 to 12 steps forward and backward. I count each step, so if I were doing laps of 10, that’s 10 steps total forward, and 10 steps backward, total.  Rest, and repeat for 3 or more sets.

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