Move THIS: Prisoner Getups

Posted on: April 19th 2017

move this - prisoner getups

The prisoner getup move features in quite a few Roller Derby Athletics training programs, but I wanted to share it with the wide world of roller derby because it’s just such a good one! 

Exercise: Prisoner Getups

Variation: Turkish Getups (more challenging)

What it works: Your core!

You need: a mat. For Turkish Getups, add a dumbbell or kettlebell.

Booty’s hot tips: Hit all the “stops” along the way. 

For Prisoner getups that’s 1. Situp… 2. Tuck knee under… 3. Up to kneeling… 4. Up to standing… 5. Reverse all, hitting all the stops on the way down.

For Turkish getups your stops are: 1.  Sit up to elbow support… 2. Sit up to hand support… 3. Tuck knee under, bridge up… 4. Press up to kneeling…. 5. Stand up… 6. Reverse all stops.

For Turkish getups, make sure you always look up at the weight – this helps avoid it teetering off vertical.

When to do this: Any time after warm-up! Add it to the end of any workout, or work it into the middle. It doesn’t pack much cardio punch, so it’s also good to do between more strenuous exercises.

Sets/Reps: Remember that each rep takes a while, and you need to do this on both sides (as far as the kneeling bit is concerned). 5 reps each side will take a couple minutes. 

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