It’s a Hot Mess Workout

Posted on: January 2nd 2013

Because sometimes you just need to burn off some shortbread cookies…
I designed this workout to be super quick for the Holiday season. Running around from party to party it’s not always easy to find time for your derby cross-training. The same goes for life during the other 11 months of the year too! So this session is just 8 minutes long (plus a minute of rest in the middle). Tack on a warmup and a cool down, and you’re in and out in 15 minutes flat.

Each exercise on the list works multiple muscle groups at once. You’ll be challenging your body (ahem, lungs included!) in a very short but intense period of time – that’s how you’re able to get a full workout in such a small window.

Expect to burn a sweat – it’s a Hot Mess, after all :)

Here’s the drill:

Equipment: A timer on 60 second repeats (or a stopwatch). Optional – yoga mat.

Workout:  Do each of the following for 60 seconds

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Lunge Jumps x 3 plus a Walk-Out Push-up
  • Squat Pulse x 3 plus a Star Jump
  • Burpees
  • Rest!!
  • Skiier Jumps
  • Rollover + Situp
  • Tricep Walkout
  • Squat Jump + Tuck Jump

Watch the video through to see how these crazy exercise combos actually work. Here are some additional tips for you-

For the walk-out pushups, I did them with one leg, but you can modify this to be a bit easier by keeping both feet on the floor, or by dropping to your knees for the actual push-up once you’ve walked your way out to a plank position.

Star Jumps – all I can say is, own it. Don’t feel silly, feel like the best cheerleader this world has ever known! Spirit Fingers!!

Skiier Jumps are a cardio beast. The idea here is to pretend you’re a slalom skiier jumping side to side over the moguls. Keep your feet together and try to pick your feet up and over with each jump. 1-2-3 pause, then hit your next set of “moguls”…

The triceps walkout is a little confusing, so here’s a breakdown: 1. Sitting with your legs outstretched, hands on the floor either side of your bum, put your weight on your hands and lift your hips back and up off the floor (your heels will remain on the floor but slide back). 2. Transfer your weight to your feet, and walk out a couple of small steps as you lift your hips up to a table-top. 3) “march” your feet 4 times. 5) Return to the starting position, and repeat!

Squat jumps with a tuck jump is a great plyometric move. The idea is to do a normal squat jump, but go immediately into a tuck jump without any pause or additional knee-bounce. On the tuck jump, your goal is to get your knees as high as possible!

Good luck! Leave me a note in the comments and let me know if this helped to burn off some holiday baking.

xo Booty Quake

6 thoughts on “It’s a Hot Mess Workout

  1. I had a lot of trouble with the tricep walkout… until I figured out that I obviously couldn’t slide on concrete wearing sneakers (I came home to rewatch the video and realized sliding was involved. Doh). Nice and quick!

  2. love the workouts. I am part of pump up your jam and starting a running list of all the exercises I suck at and could do more often. My list continues to grow. Will we be able to watch the videos even when the program is over?

    1. HI MAULbarry!
      I’ll shoot you a private note on this! But these videos will always be free and available :)

  3. Hey, just did this at a friend’s house, swapping out the jumps for planks as they have a newborn sleeping baby… In the tricep walkout my arms don’t seem long enough to get my butt clear of the floor. Am I not doing something right or do I just have short arms? I’ve had this problem with yoga postures where you are meant to lift yourself off the floor from sitting.

    I’m on PUYJ and it’s going great so far :)


    1. Definitely a possibility, Phyllis! Everyone is built a little differently. However, yours truly is blessed with the longest torso ever, so you’d think in that case it would be extra hard for me to get my butt off the floor, assuming my arms are normal length. It definitely requires core strength to lift your hips back and up – notice when you watch the video that my hips aren’t lifting up directly under my shoulders, they’re back, and my head dips forward a bit while contracting in my abs super hard. You might be able to work your way up to it with yoga blocks or something equivalent…!

  4. Thank you! Fun wonderful jumpy workout! Can you do the full 8 min work out so I can follow along with the video? It would be a bit easier than clicking pause to get in the minute, time the minute, go back and unpause the video etc. Thank you again!!

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