Fresh Meat Injury Prevention Workout!

Posted on: September 30th 2011

For the newest, freshest meat in town – it’s important to work on strengthening muscles that will help keep you injury free, AND make your skating stronger. The keys here are ankle strength, knee stabilising, and core strength. This routine is light enough that it can be done daily.

10 calf raises – hold at the top 5 seconds, slowly lower for 5 seconds

10 calf raises w/ bent knees (count as above)

15 drop squats (drop suddenly to a squat position, like someone kicked the back of your knees forward… slowly rise to standing)

10  Push Ups

20 SLOW bicycle situps

10 forward lunges R (straight back leg, reach down and touch the ground with your left hand, SPRING explosively back to the standing position)

10 forward lunges L (as above)

10  Side Lunges R  (stick your butt out backwards like you’re going to sit on a low chair, SPRING explosively back to the standing position)

10 Side Lunges L (as above)

15  –  Sumo Squats

10  Push Ups

20 SLOW bicycle situps

10 single-leg squats (each leg)
30 sec  –   “Hot Cross Jumps” – One foot hop in a cross formation, as though there are hot coals on the ground (fast, light feet). Do 30 s on each foot.

30 sec  –  Plank
30 sec –  Side Plank R & repeat on the L

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5 thoughts on “Fresh Meat Injury Prevention Workout!

  1. I did this as my first workout of 2013. Then went skating the next day. Man I had some good soreness. The short simple workout was very effective.

  2. I’m going to share this with my fellow freshies. Do you plank on your elbows or hands, or does it matter?

    1. Hey Amy! Either way is cool. On the hands is a teeny bit harder, but not great for anyone with a wrist injury.

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