Champs Watching Party? Here’s How to Get Your Snack On!

Posted on: November 1st 2015

So, all of us will be watching WFTDA Championships next weekend, enjoying some great derby and not really thinking out all the snacks we’ll be scarfing…right?

Well, with a little bit of advanced planning, we can make sure that our Champs-watching snacks are giving us much-needed protein and healthy fats, instead of sugar and empty carbs. Here’s how:

Even though you’re not playing next weekend, you still need your protein!  A great party snack that packs a protein punch is the often overlooked Deviled Eggs.

Photo courtesy: jeffreyw, Flickr.
Photo courtesy: jeffreyw, Flickr.

Ingredients: Eggs, Greek yogurt, mustard, diced peppers and/or onions, paprika, black pepper

Hard boil some eggs (put them in water, bring the water to a rolling boil, let them sit off the heat for about 10 minutes), peel the eggs, slice the eggs down the centre and gently squeeze them to get the yolks out. Put the yolks in a bowl, add two tablespoons of Greek yogurt (or mayo if you want to be traditional, though the yogurt keeps it a little lighter) and 2 tsp mustard. Add peppers/onions/chives/etc., and mix until it feels smooth and creamy.  Transfer the filling into a piping bag (if you’re fancy), a ziploc bag with a corner cut out (if you’re practical) or a spoon (if you’re just going to eat them and don’t care about presentation). Fill the eggs whites with the whipped yolks, top with paprika and/or black pepper.  Chill and serve.


Looking to add some healthy fats to the party? Look no further than our Spicy Guacamole! This guac will give you the benefit of avocado without going overboard on the fat. Instead of making a layered dip with cream cheese, sour cream and cheese on top, why not add the salsa and beans right into the guacamole for a taste that’s fresh and filling?

Ingredients: 1-2 avocados, half a cup of fresh salsa, half cup of black beans (drained and rinsed), diced garlic clove, lemon juice, black pepper

Peel and pit the avocados, chop into pieces and put in a bowl. Add about a tablespoon of lemon juice, freshly ground pepper and the diced garlic. Roughly mash until it’s the consistency you want. Add salsa and black beans. Mix haphazardly and serve. 

And for chips? Try a baked lentil chip or pick up some pitas, brush them with EVOO (more healthy fats!), sprinkle on your favourite spices and bake at 375° for 10-12 minutes. Keep an eye on them, they can start to brown quickly! Take them out when they’re crispy, but not burnt.

*Pro-Tip:  If you’re not serving your guacamole right away, it will start to brown. Keep the pit in the bowl with the guac to slow down the process and keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.

Finally, maybe you’re looking for something sweet.  Something simple.  For me, nothing beats Apple Round Sandwiches with natural almond (or peanut) butter, dusted with cinnamon.imageIngredients: Apples – cut into round slices, natural nut butter of your choosing, cinnamon

The nut butter gives some healthy fats, the apple gives some fiber, and the whole dish gives you a smile.

Hope your Champs-watching experience is delicious!

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