“Cardio Circuit Situation” Workout

Posted on: October 21st 2016

Workout Focus: Full Body, Endurance

You Need: a timer or stopwatch, step/bench/chair. OPTIONAL: dumbbells, skipping rope.

Suggested Warmup: 50 jumping jacks | 20 half squats | 20 wall push-ups | 20 good mornings | 20 full squats | 20 walking lunges | 20 arm circles each direction OR the Super Quick Warm-Up Routine.

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“Cardio Circuit Situation” Workout:

Choose your cardio interval: skipping rope, jumping jacks, jogging, fast walk, bike, or stairs.

Strength circuit items are listed where applicable as: [weighted option | weight-free option] 

  • 2 minutes Cardio of choice
  • 20 Squat Thrusts | 20 Squat jumps (no-impact version: Squats with or without weight)
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 20 Standing vertical dumbbell rows | 10 Bench Dips

–> Repeat circuit for three rounds total

  • 2 minutes Cardio of choice
  • 20 Ab-leg lifts
  • 16 Step-ups each leg with dumbbells | without weight
  • 10 Step-back lunges with dumbells or barbell | without weight (=10 each leg)

–> Repeat circuit for three rounds total

Stability Training: 30s plank each: front, each side

Finish: Cool down with “How to Stretch Everything in 8 Minutes

Printable: 2016-10-23-cardiocircuitsituation

Explanations and Modifications

Optional weight suggestions: Squat Thrusts: 2x 10-15# dumbbells; Standing rows: same, or barbell; Step-Ups: 2x 15-25# dumbbells; Lunges: 2x 15-25# dumbbells or equivalent barbell on shoulders.

To make this easier: Choose low/no-impact cardio and weight-free options; reduce reps and/or do fewer circuits.

To make this harder: Choose weighted options; try skipping with double-unders; increase cardio time to 3 minutes; add circuits.

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