Build Your Foundation with These Core Workouts

Posted on: February 13th 2022

Core work is essential for everyone across the board, as a strong core is the foundation of a resilient kinetic chain. Walking, picking things up, and many other movements would be impossible without it. Sometimes, it can be a struggle to strengthen the core when some exercises cause pain or discomfort to the back; in fact, back pain is a prevalent issue even for the most active people. However, this doesn’t mean core exercises should be thrown out! Below are some core-centered workouts to focus on and try.

Plank variations:

Holding yourself in this prone pose is a great way to simultaneously work the abdominals and back muscles (whereas some other exercises cater to specific abdominal areas). Moving planks, like up-downs, saw planks, and lizard planks are greatly advanced variations, but traditional static planks are just as effective.

Side bends/side crunches:

Some back issues make it hard for people to bend forward, thus not being able to do many crunch-like movements. However, trying standing side bends (with a weight of any kind) or side crunches can still work the sides and build up overall muscular control without causing lower back pain.


Exercises like the superman, back extensions, or even I/Y/T holds are similar to planks in that they allow for slow and static holds that eventually build up strength in the lower back. Because they are also smaller movements, these typically do not put too much strain on the back. A good thing to remember is everyone is different, so these exercises may affect people differently. It’s always good to monitor progress and listen to your body.

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