All-Star Pyramid Workout

Posted on: April 14th 2015

Hey there, All-Star! First off, an extra special thanks to each of YOU, the All-Stars, for being a part of Roller Derby Athletics. I’m honoured to be part of your training, and I thrive on making you stronger and fiercer, every day. BIG LOVE!!

And with that mushy stuff out of the way… :) Here’s the full length version of the 25,000 Fan Pyramid Workout!

You need: A mat, and a thumb (for Facebook likes!)

Warm up:  30 seconds marching in place | 30s arm circles | 30s jumping jacks | 30s half squats | 30s good mornings

25,000 Fan Pyramid Workout:

Follow along with me in this week’s real-time video, below!

One round took me 4 minutes. If you want to do this with your team as a challenge after practice, do one or two rounds. If you’re doing this for your main workout today, then shoot for 3-4 rounds! Take a minute rest between each round. You’ve GOT this!!

Finish: Cool down with 3-5 minutes jogging or marching + stretch

Explanations and modifications:

Suggestions for making this easier: Swap regular squats in place of squat jumps; Do forward leanover lunges instead of lunge jumps. You can take rests between exercises too!

Suggestions for making this harder: Do more rounds! Go for speed on each round, while maintaining good form – try to meet or beat your first round time, in your second, third (and fourth?) rounds!

Thumbs Up! 

xoxo Booty

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