All-Star Jump Jive and Roll Video Workout

Posted on: February 8th 2015

Hey there, All-Star! 

Get ready to get down! And then get back up again. This is a high-intensity interval workout that focuses on endurance, core strength and leg strength. Each interval switches between cardio/legs and core, so you’re sure not to get bored!

If this workout seems out of reach for you today, check the modifications below, and be sure to check out the detailed mods for reverse burpees at the end of the video too.

You need: A mat and a timer

Warm up:  30 seconds marching in place | 30s arm circles | 30s jumping jacks | 30s half squats | 30s good mornings

Stability Training: None this week

All-Star Jump Jive and Roll Workout:

Each interval is 45 seconds, with a 15 second rest. Follow along with me in this week’s real-time video, below!

Jumping Jack / Squat Jump Combo
Reverse Burpees
Side Raise Left
Skiier Jump + Lunge Combo
Side Raise Right
Side to Side shuffles (Heismans)
Superman / Banana Rolls

Repeat all for one more round!

Finish: Cool down with 3-5 minutes jogging or marching + stretch

Printable: 2015-02-08-Jump-Roll

Explanations and modifications:

New exercises this week:

Jumping Jack /  Squat Jump combo: I kind of mess this up a couple of times in the video, so just to be crystal clear, the pattern should be: Out-In-Out (jacks); In to a squat + Jump; repeat…  Should I rename these as Jumping Jack Flash and make you all do sparkle hands on the squat jump?? I’m tempted…

Reverse Burpees: explained in detail on the video. Some bigger skaters have told me that they have trouble with the crouch move and the jump back to plank in burpees; others (like me currently!) have a wrist or shoulder issue that prevents them from doing plank-based moves. These rollbacks, aka reverse burpees, provide an alternative, as well as being a pretty awesome exercise for anyone, in their own right!

Skiier Jump & Lunge combo: Three side to side jumps with your feet together, like a skiier shredding some moguls.  Aim to pick up your feet as though you’re clearing a 3″ object on the floor each time for an added agility benefit (similar to 2-foot agility hops!). Do the lunge with good technique (just like a regular side lunge), being sure to send your hips backwards, rather than your knee forwards.

Heismans: We’ve done these together before, in the Side 2 Side workout. Work on fast feet, and keeping your core (abs) engaged the entire time. Crunch with your abs each time you bring that knee up.

Superman Banana Rolls: I have to apologize, for the video of this exercise is pretty crap!! And, as noted in the video, I made an adjustment after a few reps also to get this working better. Here’s a full description: Lie face down at the right hand side of your mat. Do one superman lift (arms, feet, head lift 3″ off the ground). Roll to your left (try not to use hands and feet, just your core as much as possible!). Do a “banana” – a double crunch lifting your knees and your shoulders off the mat simultaneously. Roll in the same direction again (you’ll be rolling towards your right arm/leg, but continuing toward the left side of your mat). Repeat a superman, and then roll back in the opposite direction (toward your right) to repeat all again.

Suggestions for making this easier: Use any or all of the reverse burpees modifications shown in the video; use a modified leg position for side raises; reduce interval time and/or increase rest time

Suggestions for making this harder: Do 3 rounds! Go for max reps in each interval; extend work intervals to 60s.


xoxo Booty

2 thoughts on “All-Star Jump Jive and Roll Video Workout

  1. i really liked the reverse burpees! got a bit of work to do to get it looking right :)

    1. Nice! Glad to hear it. Always fun to have something new, right?

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