All-Star Dasher & Prancer Workout

Posted on: December 13th 2015

This high-energy legs and cardio workout is going to have you dashing and prancing all over the living room or gym. You’re going to feel so powerful that you might want to start pulling sleighs filled with toys, but I don’t advise that.

You need: A timer, a chair or bench, and a smile :)

Warm up: 25 jumping jacks | 20 wall push-ups | 20 half squats | 10 arm circles each direction | 30s of bridges|10 calf raises each side | 20 walking lunges


All-Star Dasher & Prancer Workout:

Repeat this entire sequence through two times!

20 Snow Dashers (aka Mountain Climbers!) count each side as 1.
60s Chair Squats L
20 Snow Dashers
60s Chair Squats R
20 Snow Dashers
60s Burpees

– rest 1-3 minutes

20 Prancers (aka High Knees!) count both knees up as 1.
60s Cross-Under Squats R
20 Prancers
60s Cross-under squats L
20 Prancers
60s Lunge Jumps

Stability Training: 45s Side Plank, each side

Finish: Stretch!


Printable: 2015-12-13 dashing


Explanations and modifications:

All of the exercises can be found in the How-To Videos catalog. Click the link in the excersise names to see each video.

To make this easier: Reduce the work interval to 30 or 45 seconds. Do chair squats with two legs. Swap forward leanover lunges instead of lunge jumps.

To make this more challenging: Increase all ‘Dashers’ and ‘Prancers’ to 30 reps; do 3 sets; add dumbbells to chair squats and cross-under squats.



xoxo Booty

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