All-Star Back Atcha Workout

Posted on: May 10th 2015

By request from a fellow All-Star, here’s an upper body and core strength workout with a focus on the back. It’s fun, challenging and flexible, depending on what kind of equipment you have, how much time you have, and your fitness level. Great one to do before or after practice with your teammates!

You need: Mat, chair or bench; dumbbells, therabands, or skates.

Warm up: 25 jumping jacks| 20 bum kicks | 20 half squats | 20 wall push-ups | 20 good mornings | 30s arm circles each direction

Stability Training: Included in the workout

All-Star Back Atcha Workout:

Do each exercise for 45 seconds, rest for 15. Repeat all x3, for 15 minutes total.

5 rounds: I’s Y’s Tees (weight optional) – 5 pulses each position
15 Power Push-Ups
10-20 Bent Over Flys w/ skates or weights – see notes below
10-20 Upright Row – see notes
20 Good Mornings (weight optional)
10 Tricep Push-Ups
10 Rollover + Sit-Ups, each side
15 Supermans

Repeat the full set x 2 (beginner) or x3 (advanced)

Finish: Optional: Plank for time. Cool Down + stretch, especially back and chest!

Printable: 2015-05-10-Back Atcha


Explanations and modifications:

If using skates as weights: Do the high end of the range for Bent Over Flys and Upright Rows.

If using weights or therabands:
I’s Y’s Tees – use only 1-3 pound weights.
Bent Over Flys, try 8 – 15 pounds unless you know you can do more, and do 10-12 reps.
Upright Rows, same as above.
Good Mornings – try 20 lb dumbbells and 10-12 reps



xoxo Booty

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