The 3S Workout

Posted on: April 22nd 2013

Do you want to feel sexy? Try the 3S workout.

Step 1) be Smart. Work out doing moves that are targeted for your goals. You’re a roller derby skater (or official!), so you want strong legs, a strong core, and great cardio.

Step 2) be Strong. Don’t just chug along doing low-intensity cardio (jogging or biking flat terrain, at a consistent pace),  spend some time building your muscles up too! Don’t get me wrong, that steady-state cardio work can be great to build up your aerobic base and endurance, but working out at a higher intensity for short periods, using weight-bearing exercise as a mechanism to raise your heart rate will catapult your cardio AND make your muscles look super toned and fierce.

Step 3) do it in the Sun. Nothing like a hit of Vitamin D (especially up here in the northern latitudes) to make you feel like a million bucks.

Here’s this week’s workout:

Equipment: a mat (optional). A timer (optional).

Routine:  Do 3 rounds of the following:

20 Squat Jumps

10 Spiderman Pushups

20 Sumo Squat Jumps

20 Flying Planks

20 Bicycles

If you time yourself, don’t rush the movements, especially flying planks and bicycles – form is WAY more important than speed here.

A note about my own attempt at this workout… As you’ll hear in the video, despite being a beautiful day and everything being pretty much fantastic in life, I had a pretty crappy workout. I felt exhausted, everything felt way harder than it should, my legs felt like jell-o, and I basically couldn’t WAIT for it to be over. I have been off skates for a bit with a hamstring injury, and on this day, reality (that cruel bitch) paid me a visit and told me just how far my fitness has dropped in a few short weeks.

There were several moments when I came close to throwing in the towel. I thought, “you know, I don’t need to go through this whole thing – I can just do parts of each set and edit them together, and no one out there will know that I cheated my way through this workout.” (Because, in case you were wondering, I DO always do the entire workout that I put together for you when I film it!). I was working very hard at mentally defeating myself, telling myself I wasn’t going to be able to finish!

Each time those thoughts came to mind, however, I found some tiny shred of resolve that kept me going, even if I had to take a quick break and put all my energy into squashing those self-defeating voices. I told myself that if I quit early today, that would only prolong the journey back to my normal fitness level. If I keep pushing today, through the muck and the self-defeating voices, then I’ll be just that much stronger for my next workout, and a little bit stronger after that…

When I finally finished, a bit dejected but glad at least that I hadn’t given up, I went over to stop the camera and… well, it had given up a long time ago. Dead battery. Oh, the irony!

When a workout, or a practice, or life in general seems to be getting the best of you, what’s your secret trick to pull yourself up by your own skate laces and turn it around? How do you get back up when life seems to be smacking you down? Leave a comment below and let me know your tips to crush that self-defeat.

In the meantime – be Smart, Strong AND Sexy… in the Sun. Okay, that’s four S’s.


4 thoughts on “The 3S Workout

  1. When I am struggling to get through a workout, I MUST remind myself how great I feel…how accomplished…when I push through.
    And if it’s really tough, I make a deal with myself that if I feel like i just can’t do one more day’s workout, then that day off will be the NEXT day.

  2. When fatigue sets in and I recognize my performance is diminishing when it “shouldn’t” I remind myself that I don’t suck and I can do more than I think I can. At practice this week during a Jammer Hell drill the left side of my lower back started aching so bad I had to stop skating, and I started to feel self conscious seeing the rest of my team keeping up with their strides. Instead of giving in to the defeating voices and becoming distracted by consuming thoughts of what I might look like – I reminded myself that it’s okay if I can’t skate any more – allow that muscle a moment of rest, take a moment to breathe, and push through another lap. And instead of wasting energy feeding the defeating voicing I looked to what may be causing this – practical observation. How was my diet today, yesterday, this week? How hydrated am I? Did I get proper sleep? I had to level with myself. The answers weren’t ones I was proud of – but it was the TRUTH, unlike the LIES that defeating voice likes to tell.

    So it sum it up, when I’m confronted with mental and physical obstacles, I only allow myself to spend time on what I know is true, and ditch anything that contradicts the strength and resiliency I know I have.

    1. That’s awesome Thimbleberry. I love that approach!

  3. I just did this workout for the first time and loved it and it kicked my ass. I timed each round so I can work towards better timing as I get stronger (my arms are mush.) First: 8:41, Second: 8:39, Third: 7:37. I was surprised I shaved off one while minute because it HURT. :)

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