How to Stretch Everything in 8 Minutes

How to Stretch Everything in Eight Minutes

Stretching feels like a chore. “Flexibility Training”, however, feels like something I can sink my teeth into. Competitive Yoga anyone? I kid. But if you’re like me, you’re a fairly competitive sort, and you like to push your boundaries. That’…

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Stretching after derby

My Quick and Dirty After-Derby Stretch

We’ve all been there. Practice ran late and you’ve got a big meeting at work first thing tomorrow. As quickly as you can, you gear down, throw your sweaty gear into your bag and run out the door – only to wake up the next morning feeling like you…

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Pre-Hab: How to Build A Derby Booty

It’s time for a frank discussion about your butt. It’s lovely – really it is! But it’s been slacking on the job lately, and that’s not doing you any favours for your game. Today I’m going to show you how to first awaken and recruit, then stre…

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How to Engage Your Core - Roller Derby Athletics

Pre-Hab: How to Engage Your Core

If you’ve ever been coached or taken a fitness class of any kind, you’ve almost certainly heard the phrase, “engage your core.” But unless you’ve got a strong fitness, yoga, or dance background, that instruction might be really difficult to fol…

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The Gun Show Workout

Like taxes and rain on your holidays, lower body injuries are both incredibly irritating, and almost inevitable. After eight years of roller derby, I recently found myself rocking a set of crutches for the first time ever, and searching for some ways that…

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How To Reduce Concussions in Roller Derby

PreHab: How to Reduce Concussions

Despite our helmets and our mouthguards, concussions are among the most frequent, and most traumatic of roller derby injuries. Anyone who's suffered a concussion in derby can tell you how crappy the experience can be, on many levels. From the initial, ac…

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Pre-Hab! Stability Training Workout

What's that you say? Another Pre-Hab video? INDEED! Many skaters ask me for tips on how to gain more agility as a skater. Well, friends - stability is a big part of your answer. (Other parts include leg strength, core strength, and ninja skills). It's …

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Pre-Hab! On-Skate Warmup Rollercon Review

In honour of it being Rollercon week, and because I'm on the road to Vegas, I thought I'd re-post the video I made last year at "the world's sweatiest convention..."  If you can't do an off-skate warmup before practice or a bout, then I recommend follow…

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Back to Prehab! Feet and Ankles

Given that most of us who follow the WFTDA season are currently on some form of an off-season, now seems like a GREAT time to do some pre-hab for the upcoming season's smashing-each-other-around. If you're not one of the 320 skaters hitting the decks in M…

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Salute The Sun Workout

Some days, you just don't have it in you to get out there and do a plyo routine. You want to get some exercise in, and you know you'll feel better if you move, but a lingering cough, or a twingy muscle tell you not to overdo it. Or maybe you're coming bac…

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Pre-Hab! On-Skate Warmup

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that I am a big advocate for proper warmups and post-workout stretching. I even made a video for you to show you my favourite pre-workout off-skate warmup drill. But, sometimes you just don't have t…

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