DITK - Diet causing Tiredness

Why Am I So Tired? (psst – it might be your diet…)

I'm sure we've all said it a hundred times: "I'm so tired, why am I always so tired?". There are lots of reasons that we can feel tired (poor sleep quality, lack of a sleep routine, stress, etc.), but one of the under-examined causes can be the foods yo…

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Post-Game Pain Eat it Away!

Post-Game Pain? Eat it Away!

And I don't mean binge on chips to feel better :) What I'm talking about is tailoring what you eat to help manage the inflammation that intense exercise and exertion can cause. When we compete, our exertion causes the release of free radicals. Free…

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crush your muscle cramps picture of a man trying very hard to open a jar of pickles

Crush Your Muscle Cramps: How to fuel so you feel great!

It's game day - you're feeling mentally ready, you've worked on your strategy and you're ready to roll. And then, when you hit the track for warm-up, you start to cramp up. Sound familiar? What you eat on game day can have a direct impact on your perf…

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Keeping It Sweet: Better Desserts

Late February! Time for half-price Valentine's candy! Right? Well, for many of us, this cold and dreary time of year can make us want to curl up with some decadent desserts and a good book. Which is totally cool, but maybe let's find a way to make th…

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