Level Up with StrideBooster

It doesn't much matter whether you're a blocker or a jammer (or a "blammer!"). You know that you need strength, power, and agility to be successful out there on the track.You probably know some bodyweight-only strength moves you can do (for example, maybe…

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post-concussion return to derby protocol

Returning to Derby after a Concussion

 Coming back to roller derby after a concussion can be a tremendous challenge.There are emotional challenges: fear of re-injury, fears you might not be ready, worries you've been away too long and have lost some of your edge... And of course there…

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How To Reduce Concussions in Roller Derby

PreHab: How to Reduce Concussions

Despite our helmets and our mouthguards, concussions are among the most frequent, and most traumatic of roller derby injuries. Anyone who's suffered a concussion in derby can tell you how crappy the experience can be, on many levels. From the initial, ac…

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