How-to: Deadlift and Romanian Deadlift

Posted on: June 26th 2015

Exercise: Deadlift; Romanian Deadlift

Do: Warm up with the bar only. Set up with weight in heels, bar touching shins, chest lifted, shoulders directly above the bar. Pull first, straighten knees second.  To lower, hinge at hips, then bend knees when bar is past them.

Don’t: lean forward with weight over toes and shoulders forward of the bar; don’t set up with the bar far away from your shins.

Easier: lift lighter weight

Harder: lift heavier weight

Romanian Deadlift:

Do: Start in the upright position. Hinge at the hip to lower. Keep the bar close to the legs.

Don’t: lean forward with weight over toes; allow the back to round.

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