Your 10% Days

Posted on: December 28th 2016

We’ve talked about how 90% compliance is as good as 100%, and you’ve given yourself permission to enjoy some of those 10% foods. Yahoo! Let’s get SNACKIN’, AMIRIGHT??

The challenge is that our favourite indulgences represent the foods that we most struggle with, and 10% can snowball to 25% or 50% pretty quickly.  On the other hand, complete self-denial doesn’t work either.  So, how do you manage to keep those 10% foods to 10% of the time?

Engage in enjoyment, not substitution

If there is a food that you absolutely love that’s not on the plan, say chocolate ice cream, then have chocolate ice cream as one of your 10% foods.  Do not, however, have strawberry ice cream just because you feel like you should have ice cream – get what I’m saying?  Enjoy the thing you really want, rather than just indulging in the habit.

Buy the very best 10% foods you can

If you’re going to go for that chocolate ice cream, buy the very best kind you can afford.  We are often more conservative with our consumption when we know something costs more.

Don’t ever beat yourself up over your 10%

10% meals and snacks are a part of the plan for a reason.  Eat what you want during those times, enjoy it and move on.  Guilt and shame aren’t a part of this plan.

A note on alcohol…

Booze can be a part of your 10%.  Just be aware of the calories that it contains, and the fact that over consumption might lead to choices outside of your 10%.  Refer to the Derby in the Kitchen “booze post” for some detailed information about alcohol, nutrition and training.