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Advanced, derby-specific training for Power, Agility, and Quickness.

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Build next-level explosive power, quickness and agility in six weeks, with targeted, advanced training for competitive athletes. StrideBooster combines strength training with plyometrics and agility workouts, in a carefully designed progression that will allow you to build from one week to the next, while also practicing on skates — but without overtraining.

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Free for MVP members!

Build next-level explosive power, quickness and agility with targeted, advanced training. Designed for highly competitive athletes.

Best Suited For: Athletes who want to make the A team, consistently roster, and skate at the highest level. Athletes with some weight training experience, who want to get super powerful.

Good to Know: Some days require access to weight training equipment. Can be done at home with hand weights, but results will be best with plates and barbells at a gym. If you are looking for a more introductory-level program without weight training, StrideBuilder is probably right for you!

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