Transform your game in 45 days…

… with this intense, derby-specific conditioning program.

This program is everything you need to get your body into fierce, fighting shape for derby. It’s a steady progression of derby-specific, off-skate workouts and crosstraining, designed around your derby schedule and your life.

The next round begins June 28th. Early Bird registration is open NOW!

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Next program begins June 28 – early bird registration is open NOW!

Transform your game with derby-specific strength, core and endurance workouts. A full body, comprehensive training program to kick your fitness into high gear.  Click here for full program details.  

Best For: Athletes who want an intense fitness boost to transform their game, including endurance. Ideal for blockers and jammers alike.

Good to Know: Designed for intermediate and above, but beginner is OK! Train 5-6 days per week including on-skate days. Expect to work out twice per day some days when you have practice. Not ideal for the middle of a busy competitive season.

Athletes get access to all Pump Up Your Jam program and video content for 3 months – extensions upon request. (MVP Members get unlimited access)

**Contact us for group rates if you have more than 5 athletes!**


  1. (verified owner)

    PUYJ has been an incredible program! I’ve noticed huge gains in both my strength and agility on and off the track, and have been hyping it to ALL our Fresh Meat and vets this season. Booty’s workouts are well thought out, well explained, and have a lot of options for all different physical levels. The support and cheerleading from the other folks doing the program with me has been super rewarding, and for the first time in my life, I actually *want* to work out!

  2. “Pump Up Your Jam” was very helpful in establishing a strong base of knowledge for roller derby cross training. I was mid-season, and mid-semester while I did PUYJ and I regret not seeing it through to completion. This program is for those who are VERY serious and ambitious about improving their game. While I didn’t compete the program, it gave me the tools to create my own cross training program. I thought that the price was a little steep, but I made peace with that because I love supporting the roller derby community.

  3. (verified owner)

    PUYJ was amazing. I did this program after a small break when I had a minor surgery (non derby related) and just wanted something to ease me back into my post season. When I got back on the track with my teammates… They wondered if I had surgery to help my derby skills. I couldn’t stop talking about the awesome exercises that where helping my skills on the track. I’m typically not a jammer but my agility skills have impressed my coach and she wants me to start jamming more.
    Needless to say if you want to be better, in all aspects of derby, this program will do it. You find new limits and new abilities you didn’t even know you had!
    P. Slammerson

  4. “Pump Up Your Jam” helped up my strength and agility. Much of the off-skate training I’ve done in the past hasn’t been derby specific. With PUYJ I worked not only harder but smarter! Consistency and planning are keys to making this program work. Don’t worry: BQ gives you a rest week! Will be trying another program soon.

  5. Pump Up Your Jam has been a derbychanger for me. When I got placed on the alternate list in my very first season on the travel team, I took on the program to improve my strength, endurance and overall fitness. PUYJ really made a difference for me because before we even had our first scheduled bout of the season, I was on the starting roster! I still incorporate a lot of the exercises and drills from PUYJ in my day-to-day strength condition, especially leading up to assessments and tryouts to give myself an extra edge. I highly recommend this program for all levels of athletes!

  6. My girlfriend is the roller derby queen – I’m just along for the ride. But as you know, the sport can take a minute or two out of your life so one of the ways we found to spend more time together is working out. We skate together, but I was looking for something we could do that I didn’t keep getting left behind! Enter Pump Up Your Jam! We did the program in the same room and together often! It was a fantastic workout and although I might still get left in the dust we stayed in the same room! I really enjoyed the fitness test pre and post to see my own real progress. And I can’t say enough about Booty and the time and energy she puts in to support roller derby athletes. Just seeing a trainer kick her own butt in a workout video and admit it is refreshing and fantastic! Keep it up! My girlfriend has done several programs with rave reviews for all of them!

  7. A rad program for skaters that aren’t sure how to train sport-specific or are maybe just getting into off skates stuff. Stop wasting time fartin’ around during your off skates training and work towards getting better for on skates train fun!

  8. (verified owner)

    I was stuck in a fitness rut until I found the RDA basics builder. I saw some improvements from that 4-week program and wanted more.

    PUYJ gives you measurable results. By measuring your fitness level at the beginning and end of the program, I was able to see chart my growth. My teammates noticed it, too. I hit hard, fell less, and my endurance improved.

    I loved this program and Booty Quake’s approach to fitness. Buy it. Follow it. You won’t regret it!

  9. (verified owner)

    This was an amazing program! The weekly emails kept me motivated while the planning tools kept me on track. 10/10 would recommend!

  10. (verified owner)

    PUYJ has completely changed me, physically and mentally. I’ve become stronger, faster, more agile and more confident. It’s kickstarted a cross-training regime for me and propelled me forward in my derby game. Since doing PUYJ I’ve been rostered for my league and added 2 laps to my 27/5 PB!
    Booty is amazing and so is this program and I’ve been encouraging other members of the team to join too!

    • Wow, so glad to hear about all your success, Reignbow!!

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