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Transform your game in 45 days with this intense, derby-specific conditioning program.

This program is everything you need to get your body into fierce, fighting shape for derby. It’s a steady progression of derby-specific, off-skate workouts and crosstraining, designed around your derby schedule and your life.


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Free for MVP members! 

Pump Up Your Jam for July 2017  will begin on June 28. Registration open now!

Transform your game with derby-specific strength, core and endurance workouts. A full body, comprehensive training program to kick your fitness into high gear.  Click here for full program details.  

Best For: Athletes who want an intense fitness boost to transform their game, including endurance. Ideal for blockers and jammers alike.

Good to Know: Designed for intermediate and above, but beginner is OK! Train 5-6 days per week including on-skate days. Expect to work out twice per day some days when you have practice. Not ideal for the middle of a busy competitive season.

MVP Athletes get access to all Pump Up Your Jam program content for as long as your membership is active!



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