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A complete training community for Roller Derby!

Be at your best, every time you roll onto the track, with expert online coaching and support.

Crosstraining | Nutrition | Sport Psychology : Our expert coaches bring you new, exclusive content weekly, to keep you on your game.

MVP Members also get free access to unlimited Training Programs! 

Please note: Annual MVP Memberships are temporarily unavailable as we prepare to migrate all Members to the new RDA Training App (coming soon!). Semi-Annual MVP Memberships are still available.

We have space for just 25 new MVP Members in August – this is your chance to get into a Membership at today’s rates, and get first access to the app when it launches! 



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Be at your best, every time you roll onto the track, with expert online coaching and support. 

Our three expert coaches bring you weekly training support, covering Crosstraining, Nutrition, and Sport Psychology. 

MVP Members also get free access to unlimited Training Programs! 

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Booty Quake  | Cross-training:

You’ll always have a derby-specific workout on hand, helping you become more agile, strong, and stable. No more searching YouTube, and no gym required! No more guesswork.

Lilith NoFair | Performance Nutrition:

Learn how to fuel your body to be at its best, with healthy and easy recipe examples. No powders to buy, no fads.

Jess Bandit | Sport Psychology:

Develop tools to manage your mental game. Master your emotions, improve your focus, and feel confident on bout day.


PLUS: Access the 100-plus video library of detailed how-to exercises, all our premium content archives, health and fitness Challenges, and more. Meet other derby fitness lovers in the RDA Athlete Zone, our exclusive Facebook group!

> > Click here to see all the benefits and details of membership.


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  1. Excellent program! I love having all of the workouts available to me all the time! Good price! I love RDA!

  2. After enjoying the All-Star membership for a year, I upgraded to MVP as soon as it became available. I absolutely love and live off of Booty’s programs, informative articles, and weekly workouts. They constantly keep me challenged, learning more, and trying new things. The gains I’m making on the track are worth every single cent. This membership is a true investment to your derby career and your goals.

  3. Basics Builder was my gateway, after a couple of months of doing those workouts, i wanted more. So I signed up for All-Star access, which is totally amazing — I get full access to all the resources on the site as well as a weekly newsletter with all kinds of advice and a workout of the week! As an All-Star member, I also signed up for Pump Up Your Jam and some of the seasonal challenge programs like Suns Out Guns Out and Rocktober Cardio Challenge — these programs layer on additional community, accountability, and build in workout focus that shifts from month to month. I upgraded to MVP status just a couple of months ago because now i can sign up for any of the additional challenges whenever I want — and I realize that i can’t live without them. Booty makes training approachable and challenging, and has showed me that achieving results is completely attainable. I heartily recommend the MVP membership for anyone who wants carte blanche access to all the training resources RDA has to offer!

  4. Roller Derby Athletics has been my go-to resource for all my training questions and inspiration. I have been an All-Star Access Member since the program’s inception and upgraded to MVP access without a moment’s hesitation. The ability to access all of this information on my schedule, along with the option of signing up for the different programs that RDA offers has been well worth it. Not only that, but I’ve experienced definite positive results from all of the programs and workouts: RDA has been with me from my journey from rookie skater to All-Star team starter and now to head coach. Thank you Booty Quake and RDA!

  5. (verified owner)

    A few of my teammates decided to do Pump Up Your Jam together and I joined them. I fell in love with Bootys’ style and all the great information on the site. I went straight for the MVP Membership and have not been sorry!

  6. I’ve been following RDA since 2013 and it had become an important ressource for training and advice. Every year, Booty made the website better and better.

    I’ve completed all training programs (PUYJ, Core Builder, Stride Builder and Stride Booster). I found that all four programs target different areas and needs and thought it was worth doing all four.

    The additionnal information (nutrition, mental game, recipes etc) is also super useful and the All-Star membership has been worth it even in times I was not skating.
    I upgraded to MVP right away because I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

    Most trainings can be done at home with very little equipment which makes the trainings accessible to pretty much anyone and can be done pretty much anywhere.

    I recommend RDA to anyone looking for training ressources.

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