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Unleash your Hidden Derby Potential.

Hit harder, build agility, and reduce injuries by training your core! Every movement in Roller Derby begins from the core – a strong core is the foundation for discovering strength and agility you never thought possible. 

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Hit harder, build agility, and reduce injuries by training your core.

The basis of RDA:CoreBuilder is using a physio ball (aka stability ball) to challenge your balance and stability while performing strength moves. The instability of the ball forces dozens of smaller and often underperforming muscles to be recruited into action, to keep you balanced while you perform the movement. The concept is quite simple, but very powerful.

Every movement in Roller Derby begins from the core. Discover strength and agility you never thought possible. Unleash your hidden derby potential!

Best Suited For:  Athletes who want a stronger core, better balance, more agility, and harder hits! Also great for anyone with back pain, or recovering from injury/absence.

Good to Know: CoreBuilder is no-impact, and accommodates most lower body injuries. Not suitable for shoulder injuries. No cardio / endurance training included. Athletes get access to all CoreBuilder content for 3 months – extensions upon request. (MVP Members get unlimited access)

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  1. (verified owner)

    Overall the Corebuilder program was incredibly successful for me. I was skeptical towards the end of week 2, as I had found the exercises to be fairly simple to that point, but weeks 3 and 4 really stepped it up. It’s a good thing I have program access for more than a month because I will definitely be repeating those weeks til I get stronger. Overall I noticed a huge difference in my skating stability working this program, and would recommend it, though I think a slight increase in work on week 2 would round out the program and make week 3 less jarring.

    • Thanks for the constructive feedback! I will revisit the plan and see about adding a bit more challenge to week 2!

  2. (verified owner)

    I did the corebuilder during December 2015. I absolutely made progress and found the instructional videos well designed.

    Booty has been very good about answering questions over email, and has given me alternatives when the modifications in her instructions weren’t right for me. She’s so positive and upbeat about it all that you don’t feel any embarrassment about what your starting fitness level is.

    For me, I need to do continue with the core exercises to meet my goals, but I can already tell that there is a real difference in my stability.

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