Move This: Bear Crawls

Posted on: February 9th 2017

bear crawl

This move is deceptive. It looks pretty simple, and it basically is, but it’s truly challenging!

It will work your central nervous system, because walking on all fours, in opposition, is just not something we do every day. Great for building coordination and getting your proprioceptive brain working in high gear.

Your core should be doing most of the work in this one – you’ll be bracing your trunk to keep it stable and relatively motionless while you switch between left arm/right foot and right arm/left foot supporting you!

Finally, your shoulders and your quads will also be feeling the burn – this is great for all the blockers doing a lot of bracing out there!

Booty’s hot tip: When going backwards, make sure to take small steps with your feet, otherwise it will be really challenging for your hands to keep up!  Also, for tortoises AND for bears, slow and steady wins this race.

When to do this: During warm-up for on-skate or off-skate training; or at the end of a workout for an extra punch of effort!

Sets/Reps: Try 3 to 5 sets of 20 metre/yard crawls with short (10-20s breaks in between. If you have less space, I’ll let ya do your own math…

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