All-Star Up and Down Workout

Posted on: June 18th 2017

Workout Focus: Hi-Low Workout- upper body, core, endurance

You Need: a mat; a timer or stopwatch

Intensity: moderate to intense

Suggested Warmup: 20x half squats | 20x walking lunges |20 good mornings | arm circles forward and backward for 20s each | 20 wall push-ups | 1 minute of light jogging or jumping jacks in place… or try the full dynamic warmup routine.

Stability Training: After both rounds: do single leg squats for 2 sets x 30s on each leg, followed by 2 sets x 30s each side of single leg calf raises (do this barefoot if possible).

All-Star Up and Down Workout

Do each strength move for 50s with a 10s break. Do High Knees for 30 seconds, then straight into the next strength move. Repeat the following 9.5 minute circuit twice through:

Rest 1 minute

Finish: Finish by stretching – try the CoreBuilder stretching routine for this one as it has some good upper body stretches built in!

Printable: 2017-06-18-up-and-down

Explanations & Modifications

To make this easier: Increase rest time; do all push-ups from a table-top position or from the knees; do only one round and try to build up to doing 2 rounds the next time you try.

To make this harder: Increase high knees to 45 or 60s; do an extra round.

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