All-Star Triple P Workout: Plyo Power Party!

Posted on: May 14th 2017

Workout Focus: Plyometrics for power

You Need: A mat for burpees and a rolled t-shirt or towel for one-foot agility hops.

Suggested Warmup: 20 half squats, 20 good mornings, 30 jumping jacks, 10 forward leanover lunges each side, 20 wall push-ups.

Stability training: One-foot balance each foot x 60s

Triple P Workout: Plyo Power Party!

Buy In: Burpees x 15-20 – get hoppin’!

Repeat 2x:

1. Frog Jumps – 3 forward, as many as required back to start, x 3
2. Skater Jump + Hops – 30-40 (total)
3. Long Jumps (with or without weight) – 10
4. Box Jumps x 10

Re-commit: Burpees x 15-20 – the same number you did at the start (or more!).

Finish: Stretch!!

Printable: 2017-05-14 triple P

Explanations & Modifications

Go for quality over speed. Take breaks mid-exercise as needed, and between exercises, to ensure great form and poppin’ jumps. This is not a race or a cardio-focussed workout.

To make this easier: Pick a smaller number of reps from the range given; take longer breaks between exercises as needed. Substitute squat jumps for box jumps. Do burpees without pushups.

To make this harder: Do more reps, gimme higher hops, take shorter breaks!

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