All-Star NO-MO’-FOMO Workout

Posted on: July 23rd 2017

Workout Focus: Core / Stability

You Need: A mat and a physio ball (see notes if you don’t have a ball!)

Intensity: Light

Suggested Warmup: See below

Stability Training: Included in the workout!

All-Star NO-MO’-FOMO Workout

Kick your “Fear of Missing Out” on RollerCon to the curb. Stay strong and balanced with this refreshing Core & Stability workout!

Core Engagement Warm-up: 1 Round

Bridge – Single Leg – 10 each side; Bird Dog – 10 each side; Roll-Ups – 5; Good Mornings – 20; Single Leg Calf Raise – 10 to 15 each side

Do 3 sets of each Superset pair:

Walking Lunge w/ reach back – 12 each side, alternating
Single Leg Deadlift – 12/side. Do all on one side then switch sides.

Scissor Legs – 30 total
Single Leg Squat – 10/side. Do all on one side then switch sides.

FOB Hamstring Curls – 12-15 (see notes if you don’t have a ball)
Rollover + Situp – 10 total

Finish: Side PlankFront Plank… Other Side Plank: 30 to 60s each!

Explanations & Modifications

If you don’t have a physio ball for FOB Hamstring curls, do a ‘long lever’ bridge instead – walk your feet further away from your bum, press heels into the ground, and lift your hips off the ground. Do 5x 10s holds. 

To make this easier: Reduce reps or sets. Hold a 10 lb weight out in front of you for single leg squats (acts as a counterbalance). 

To make this harder: Add weight to the first pair. Do single-leg FOB Hamstring curls. Increase reps.

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