All-Star Core & More Workout

Posted on: April 23rd 2017

Workout Focus: Core, Strength

Intensity: Moderate

You Need: Just a mat!

Suggested Warmup: Activate your TVA (3x 8), 20 wall push-ups, 30s Bear Crawls, 20 walking lunges, 20 Good Mornings, 20 Squats, 10 Squat jumps.

Stability Training: All included!

All-Star Core & More Workout

All reps are listed as total!

6 Prisoner Get-Ups, alternating
20 Praying Mantis Planks, alternating
20 Scissors

*You’ll do three rounds. Each round has a different “Cardio” move which you’ll repeat between each core exercise in that round: Round one is 5 half-burpees (no push-up); for Round two, do 60 high knees each time; in Round three it’s 30 Spidermans each.

Finish: Side Plank: 2x 30s each side. Choose your most challenging version (check the video!)

Printable: 2017-04-23-core and more

Explanations & Modifications

Remember to use your strong, engaged core throughout the cardio exercises!!

To make this easier: Use modified versions for each exercise as shown in the linked video for each.

To make this harder: Add reps!

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