All-Star Up and Down Workout

Posted on: June 22nd 2017

Workout Focus: Endurance, Speed & Power

You Need: A stopwatch or interval timer, a bench or chair for step-ups

Suggested Warmup: The Super-Quick Warmup Routine, or: 25 jumping jacks | 20 wall push-ups | 20 good mornings | 20 half squats | 20 arm circles each direction | 20 full squats

Stability Training: Walking lunge with reach-back, 1 minute (or 2x 30s)

All-Star Clutch Performance Workout

Perform 30s of each exercise then repeat both, without rests, for each two minute “Jam”. Rest one minute between jams. Jam 1 is written out in full as an example:

Finish: Stretch!

Printable: 2017-06-25-Clutch Performance

Explanations & Modifications

To make this easier: Reduce the work intervals to 20 seconds, and add 10 seconds of rest between each exercise, in addition to the 60s of rest between Jams.

To make harder: Reduce the rest time between jams to 30 seconds.

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